Variable Demand Direct Steam Injection Units

Unit Overview:

The Pick Variable Flow Steam Injector mixes medium-to-high pressure steam with cold water and delivers instantaneous hot water at a precisely controlled temperature over a wide range of water flows. It is used to accommodate wide variations in demand and frequent start-stop applications and is ideally suited as a central heating system for multiple use points such as hose wash-down stations or plant sanitation.  Standard systems can handle 12:1 water flow turndown or designed with dual control valves for up to 100:1 water flow turndown. The Variable Flow system is ideal for replacing inefficient heat exchanges, storage tanks, steam spargers, and problematic individual steam/water mixing stations.

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Sizing Formula:

Steam Demand

(lb/hr)= 0.43 x flow(GPM) x ∆ T (ºF) or (kg/hr) = 0.092 x flow(LPM) x ∆ T (ºC)


200 GPM x 50ºF temperature rise x 0.43 = 4,300 lb/hr of steam. You would require a 6X50-3 which has a maximum rated steam capacity of 5,000 lb/hr, and a maximum water flow rate of 230 GPM with threaded connections (500 GPM with welded flanged connections).

Variable Flow Heaters are normally used on water service and are offered with cast iron housings as standard. Piping, fittings, and valves are iron, bronze, and steel. Alternate alloys/materials are available upon request. Water piping 3" dia. and smaller is threaded. 4" dia. and larger provided with 125# FF companion flanges and fittings.

Drawing of 6X7 Variable Flow Direct Steam Injection Heater
Drawing of 6X10 thru 6X350 Variable Flow Direct Steam Injection Heater


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