Constant Demand Direct Steam Injection Units

Unit Overview:

The Pick Constant Flow Steam Injector is used wherever a relatively constant flow of heated liquid at a precisely controlled temperature is required. The Constant Flow Steam Injector mixes medium-to-high pressure steam with cold water and delivers instant hot water.  It is ideal when the water flow is fixed or varies over a narrow span (3:1). The Pick Heater is delivered as a complete, compact system and can be easily customized with additional controls, valves, and instrumentation to meet your plant specifications.  Save space, energy and maintenance costs using a Pick Constant Flow Heating System.

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Sizing Formula:

Steam Demand

(lb/hr)= 0.43 x flow(GPM) x ∆ T (ºF) or (kg/hr) = 0.092 x flow(LPM) x ∆ T (ºC)

Example: 200 GPM x 50ºF temperature rise x 0.43 = 4,300 lb/hr of steam. You would require a 6X50-3 which has a maximum rated steam capacity of 5,000 lb/hr, and a maximum water flow rate of 230 GPM with threaded connections (500 GPM with welded flanged connections).


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