Cartridge Dust Collectors

Unit Overview:

As the inventor of the cartridge dust collector, Donaldson Torit® provides the most complete range of cartridge collectors that cost-effectively enhance productivity and manufacturing efficiency. Our cartridge collectors are engineered to capture the broad spectrum of dust particles that can inhibit production environments.


Downflo Evolution (DFE)
Downflo Oval (DFO)
TD Series

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Downflo® Evolution Cartridge Dust Collectors

he breakthrough performance of the Downflo® Evolution (DFE) family of cartridge dust collectors is the result of Donaldson Torit’s relentless drive to improve its products and exceed customer expectations. Donaldson Torit put decades of industry experience to work to produce a new, best-in-class dust collector capable of reducing equipment size and number of required filters by up to 40% compared to a typical cartridge collector.

A smaller collector helps lower the initial purchase price, reduces filter replacement costs, and opens up valuable manufacturing floor space.

This state of the art collector, coupled with Donaldson’s industry-leading Ultra-Web® fine fiber filtration technology, delivers a significantly smaller equipment footprint with up to 40% fewer filters required, reducing maintenance time and overall cost of operation.

  • Revolutionary Airflow Management
    Directs incoming air to an intelligent dropout zone for reduced filter loading

  • Breakthrough Filter Cleaning
    MaxPulse™ Cleaning System delivers 27% more cleaning energy to filtration media

  • Industry-Leading Filtration Design
    Positions more filtration media in beneficial locations and ensures easy, leak-free installation with Ultra-Web media as standard

Downflo® Oval Cartridge Dust Collectors

The Donaldson Torit® Downflo® Oval cartridge dust and fume collector sets the standard for industrial dust collection – by providing a 25% increase in airflow capacity, improved airflow path, and a 29% increase in pulse cleaning pressure. These compact, high-efficiency units use high efficiency oval-shaped cartridge filters, especially well-suited for filtering the sub-micron dust.

A Family of Over-Achievers

The high performance Downflo Oval (DFO) family of dust collectors provides up to 25% more filtration capacity than other same-sized cartridge collectors. Powered by proprietary Ultra-Web® fine fiber filtration technology, DFO delivers cleaner air, up to two times longer filter life, and greater cost savings.

A smaller collector helps lower the initial purchase price, reduces filter replacement costs and opens up valuable manufacturing floor space.

  • Lower initial cost per cubic meter of air per hour (m3/h) / cubic foot of air per minute (cfm)
  • Higher efficiency—cleaner air
  • Lower pressure drop—greater energy savings
  • Fewer filter changeouts
  • Reduced filter disposal cost
  • Easy system setup
  • Less maintenance
Standard Collector
Downflo® Oval

TD Series Cartridge Dust Collectors

T​he Donaldson Torit® TD is a continuous-duty style cartridge dust and fume collector using pulse-jet technology for on-line filter cleaning. TD collectors offer efficient filtration for applications ranging in size from 510 to 3398 m3/h / 300 to 2000 cfm. Ultra-Web® cartridge filters featuring fine fiber technology optimize high filtration efficiency and long filter life.

  • MERV 15* filtration efficiency rating per ASHRAE 52.2-2007
  • Lower operating pressure drop reduces energy costs
  • Optional tangential inlet on round TD housings pre-separates dust for high-loading applications
  • Provides a cleaner work environment for maximum productivity
  • Helps support OSHA Clean Air Standards

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